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Arena Animation Course

Digital Content Creation

Digital Content Creation (First Course)

Unleash your creativity and our Digital Content Creation program is ,our new programme where ideas leap from your imagination into digital reality. The new tread of Digital industry  in graphic,UI Design 3Dreal time,VFX  navigate the essentials of visual storytelling, animate with purpose, and design with innovation. This journey transforms your artistic vision into a vibrant digital portfolio, ready to make its mark on the digital world. Your skill in design, animate, create in Real time and use of Virtual intelligentsia.


This four-term comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills to bring visual concepts to life, master motion design. craft intuitive user interfaces and finally, refine your expertise in a chosen specialization to build an impressive digital portfolio


  • Digital Content Creation sem-4
  • Motion Design sem-3
  • UI Design sem-3

Course  on product note  see it.

Digital Content Creation (Second Course)

3DRT – Realtime 3D is a comprehensive training program in the fundamentals and techniques of animation that provides comprehensive understanding of the latest software and tools used in the process of animation in the industry. The program readies the students for an animation career where they can set their imagination free

  • Term 1
  • Term 2
  • Term 3B
  • Term 4

3DRT – Visual Effects offers complete training in all aspects of Visual effects to make its students capable of employment and progress in the AVGC industry. This Program comprehensively trains students in three key aspects across Term duration.


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  • Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations –
  • Cinematography & Photography Basics –
  •  Pixel Perfect Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Graphic Art and Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC
  •  Video Magic Adobe Premier Pro CC
  • Storytelling in Motion Adobe Premier Pro CC
  •  Sound Magic Adobe Audition CC 5
  •  Digital Visual Effects Adobe After Effects CC
  • Beginners Guide to 3D –
  •  Pre-Visualization iClone
  •  Art of Maya Modeling Autodesk MAYA
  • Art of Maya Texturing Autodesk MAYA
  •  PBR Texturing Workflow Adobe Substance Painter
  •  Art of Maya Lighting and Rendering Autodesk MAYA
  • Introduction to Rigging with MAYA Autodesk MAYA
  • Introduction to 3D Animation with Maya Autodesk MAYA
  • Dynamic Paint FX with Maya Autodesk MAYA
  • Introduction to Procedural VFX Workflow Houdini
  •  Rotoscopy Techniques with Silhouette Silhouette
  •  Art of Camera Tracking 3D Equalizer
  •  Nuke Basics Nuke Foundry
  •  Wire removal Nuke Foundry
  •  Colour Correction with Nuke Nuke Foundry
  • Green and Blue Screen Magic Nuke Foundry2
  •  Matte Painting Magic Nuke Foundry
  •  Tracking Nuke Foundry 2 4 4 8 0 3D Tracking Nuke Foundry
  •  Render pass and Open EXR Nuke Foundry
  • Art of Digital Sculpting Maxon ZBrush
  •  Character Setup (Rigging) with MAYA Autodesk MAYA
  •  Art of Maya Character Animation Autodesk MAYA
  •  Crowd Replication Golaem Crowd
  • 2 Elements of Photogrammetry Adobe Sampler/Reality Scan
  •  Realtime 3D Unreal
  • Production Management (Introduction to Production Management,
  • Pre-Production Planning, Production,
  • Post Production & Delivery) (Monday/Slack/Asana/Trello)
  •  Specialisation & Digital Portfolio Development (Choose 1 elective) Graphic Design 3D VFX Realtime 3D Preferred Tools of Choice